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Work hours: 5 days and 8 hours, the rest of the time is calculated as overtime.

Board and lodging: company provides board and lodging for free

Staff collective dormitory: equipped with apartment-type dormitory beds, independent toilets, central system hot water supply, full WLAN coverage, etc.

Couple room dormitory: 1.5 meters wide double bed, separate wardrobe, writing desk, separate toilet, central system hot water, full WLAN coverage, etc.

Living and entertainment area: It is equipped with standard outdoor basketball courts, table tennis, badminton, billiards and movies. The company is gradually improving indoor gyms, KTV entertainment rooms, etc., which can fully protect and enrich the company's employees' living and entertainment needs to promote The majority of employees remain active and comfortable, and are easily and joyfully engaged in the company's work and life!

Holidays are implemented in accordance with relevant national standards. Social security purchases include performance bonuses and year-end bonuses.



Bus line:

1. Take the No.16 bus to R & F Golden Port City Bus Terminal → get off at Haoliyou Station)  

2. Take Metro Line 3 → Renhe Subway Bus Station, take Hua 71 and get off at Datang Middle School Station → turn to Hua 16 and get off → get off at Houliyou Station;

3. Take Exit 708 of Renhe Metro Bus Station Exit B → Get off at Huadu International Machinery City Station and walk back for 300 meters;