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Product Features

· Ceramic PKG, eutectic-bonding, thermal-electric isolation, fast heat conductivity
· Less Relative expansion coefficient, stable, good air-tightness for tough conditions
· 3535 RGB 3in 1, Excellent color mixing effect

Application Area

Outdoor Landscape illumination & Architectural lighting: Liner light, wall-washer, flood light, Under-ground and under water light
Entertainment lighting/Stage lighting: Matrix panel lights, Moving Heads panels, Par cans lights
Typ. Spec
Color Wavelength Lumen(lm)(350mA) Current(mA) Voltage(V) Thermal Resistance(K/W)
Red 620-630 60-75 400 2-2.5 14
Green 520-535 100-145 400 3-3.6 14
Blue 455-475 25-40 400 3-3.6 14